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    Why Edmondson Interiors?

    We take your home and lifestyle and change it for the better. How?

    By listening. It is that simple. We have been listening for a quarter of a century Litecoin and developing answers throughout that time. We are still, today, finding new answers. It is satisfying and fun to enhance and change our client’s homes. We develop an understanding of what will transform your environment and then execute it. Deliberately, carefully, respectfully. Every detail is portrayed to you before our team is engaged to make it happen.

    The primary room we play a part in is the kitchen but we invariably find ourselves in a cellar, or outside or in a bedroom at some point in every month. There is a fascinating blend between your ideas and concepts and likes and dislikes and our thoughts and experience. Our knowledge on appliances and products and materials and of course furniture is there for you to tap into. We design spaces all the time. We have a great team of furniture makers who relish the variable nature of what is being made.

    We take a pride in showing you the workshops and newly trading strategy updated showrooms in Goudhurst which can be a catalyst for something unique and something that you will love.

    We are aware of the hundreds, no thousands of decisions behind altering your home. We work with other professional’s all the time. We take the time to draw every detail, confirm every detail, cost every detail.

    All sorts of things drive the solutions. A passionate cook might have different priorities to a large family. It can be the lighting that becomes the key in the transition from cooking to kid’s homework to evening entertaining.

    We also hold regular Open Days and special events. Stay updated on these and everything else that’s new on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest and our blog!

    We hope you enjoy looking around our website binany trade and we’d love to hear from you!

    With warmest wishes,

    Richard Edmondson
    Founder of Edmondson Interiors

    Richard Edmondson, Founder of Edmondson Interiors




    In partnership with Sub-Zero & Wolf, Gaggenau and Miele

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  •  Edmondson Interiors News

    We have nearly completed our showroom refurbishment. Do come and admire the changes we have made

    The New Showroom Opening Event. Thursday 11th February 6-9 pm

    Please let us know if you will be joining us. 

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