BORA Professional Revolution 2.0 has arrived and the success of extraction has been boosted by its arrival. We have installed Bora with ease and with much delight to our clients. Island cooking becomes a joy and somewhat theatrical. Preparing a whole fish and searing on the hot plate in front of guests is no longer the preserve of the Master Chef. The controls have a reassuring weight to them coupled with a simple extract running in the floor as featured in the project below.

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With such effective extraction, the worries of smells and smoke evaporate as the system step up to the mark. What you see in the promotional video is an exact representation of what happens. Even the simple task of boiling water becomes a pleasure.


Edmondson Interiors will have a fully functioning BORA Professional Revolution 2.0 kitchen very soon, in the meantime come and experience the Bora Basic to understand how brilliant this system is.

Edmondson interiors - Bora