We have client who cook and then we have clients who just love every element of creative cooking.

This passion is something we thoroughly enjoy designing for. In the last two or three years appliance design has leaped forward. This combined with our particular brand of skills enables just stunning culinary results to be achieved at home.

Steam oven and a griddle combined to cook asparagus. The flavour, the perfect al dente crunch is well just perfect.

So the asparagus is a simple example.

What equipment do you need for a perfect ‘Reverse seared Rib-eye steak’?

We suggest a Gaggenau oven, a cordless meat probe and a wood fired pizza oven. Properly designed into your kitchen this just ticks all the boxes for incredible entertaining that will delight your dinner guests

Here is the pizza oven built into the fabric of the kitchen. Used for lots more than just Pizzas!