My eyes have been opened to what seems to be an endless selection of stone following a recent trip to Verona. Its a real treat to have been taken out to Verona as a guest of Quality Marble to experience granite and marble the Italian way. Antolinis are based a few miles from Lake Garda, what could sound more fantastic!

I was welcomed at Antolinis by a swift coffee then straight into one of their five galleries. I was presented with just a small peek of what is a large scale process. The vast gallery of stone continues for what seems like miles and leads you on a trip of discovery, with welcome chocolate stations accompanied by another coffee! They have thought of everything right down to Antolinis being with you at every stage to answer any questions you may have and right down any stones you may hint towards liking. There is no way that you can remember any of the names by the time you have reached the end of the first row so this little shopping list is vital. I was initially apprehensive about looking at such a vast array of materials; however the experience has opened even my eyes to some truly beautiful stones. I have seen many a black granite and white marble with variations between; but this drove a wedge right between them. I saw stones such a Copper Dune , Elegant Brown & Sequoia Brown which were stunning and their Natura Collection and Texture+ Collection offer endless options.

When I am in front of clients in the showroom the inevitable question of ‘what stone would look good?’ comes to the fore every time .This can be an overwhelming process for some; which can end up with people side stepping the choice. Its vital to get this right from day one. Its not possible for everyone to go to Verona however I would always insist that the slabs are viewed. It brings the whole project to life once you have seen the intended slab and it will dictate the rest of the project through to completion.

Simon Gray (Senior Designer)