Pet-washing stations are becoming increasingly popular in utility rooms, and for good reason. After all, who really wants to bathe their dog in the same area where they bathe themselves and their children? We have recently added an area to our showroom to highlight this feature, the space can then be used as a dog bed space when not in use.

Things to consider when planning your dog washing space;

  • Size and weight of your dog – as this will affect the size and height of the sink or basin. You don’t want to have to lift a heavy wet dog into a sink.
  • Open or Close Space – whether you prefer a basin or sloping floor to drain the water away, or a glass front to stop the water spray.
  • Materials – you need a durable, scratch-resistant material. Porcelain tiles work really well and come in a huge selection of colours.
  • Storage Space – That is easy reach for shampoo, brushes and all your dog goodies

Make this space work for you and your dog for the perfect pet-friendly Utility room.

Secrets to a No-stress Dog Bath Time by American Kennel Club

PREPARTION – take your dog for a nice long walk – if your dog is tried they have less energy

TAKE YOUR TIME – Don’t rush, think of as a bonding experience between you and your dog, use a clam and encouraging tone of voice and constantly talk to your dog

SURFACES – A major fear for dogs during bath time: slippery surfaces. Place a grippy rubber mat inside the tub, and lay a non-skid rug outside on the floor for when he steps out.

WATER TEMPERATURE – Check the water temperature before you turn the hand sprayer on Fido – it should be no hotter than lukewarm. Use a gentle setting on the sprayer to keep your dog calm while rinsing him.

TOWEL – When bath time is over, prevent him from shaking water all over you by using a microfiber towel to dry his coat quickly.

Most importantly, think of this as a bonding time between you and your dog and so enjoy!