Project Description




We met with the owners of the house very early on in the process to ensure that every opportunity was explored in the transformation of what was quite a cramped space. The existing kitchen was clumsy and broke the flow of movement towards the dining room and garden thereafter.


A leap of faith is required when trying to visualise a space that doesn’t exist. Simon was able to see the potential of the new kitchen and translate this into a fantastic modern interior. With the use of careful planning and 3D visualisation we were able to create a space that makes the most of every inch available.


The kitchen is formed with a long island framed by the cooking to one side and the larder storage to the other. Very soft natural oak finish with a continuous grain stretches around the whole island. The island has a very tactile feel to it and invites you to run your hand along the grain. The contrast of the oak is heightened by the use of a satin lacquer on the outside runs with a hint of solid oak framing to tie it into the rest of the kitchen. With space at a premium we have created a self-enclosed utilities cupboard with a fully functioning sink and tap and even a hanging rail for the delicates. No one needs to know it’s even there.