Project Description




Can you have a bespoke, traditional contemporary kitchen? We believe you can. We also think this carefully designed painted kitchen achieves a harmony with the garden and the field outside and the house itself which is how our client directed us.


The field is more of an unspoilt meadow with long wavy grasses. In the summer these greys and browns and dusky greens dominate. We wanted to see this reflected in the kitchen.


There are shades of grey, tawny floor colours, weathered zinc on the table, and touches of other colours in pictures and cushions and accessories. In the winter the lightness of the room is exactly what is needed. White painted ceiling trusses, lots of windows and French doors maximise the winter light which lifts the soul. Edmondson Interiors signed off how each cupboard was going to be used with the client. This is time consuming but the result is evident. With organisation and planning the end of crowded cupboards can be achieved!
Favourite place has to be the window seat next to the bookcase and the Sub-Zero fridge.