Project Description



To create a simple contemporary kitchen that echoes the blues and light greys in the house driven by the proximity to the beach. Could we include a pendant light made by our clients father. Add a touch of the fifties. Not the easiest brief.


The space was quite limited and the answer seemed to lie in having a run of mid-height cupboards under a window that ran the length of the kitchen. The preparation side looked out over the dining table to the sea. Perfect.


A small galley kitchen, simple and contemporary punching above its weight. The bleached oak worked well as it had a driftwood feel to it which touched on the colour scheme for the garden, white and beige stone, olive trees and wild grasses.  The bleached oak was used for all the cabinet frames constructed form solid oak and the deep shelf over the mid-height cupboards. The pendant lights were lovely, original and simple with colours that again worked well against the kitchen furniture.