Project Description




Light, airy and lots more storage. A range cooker please. A walk in larder. An island. A tall fridge, a freezer, a table and chairs of a very young family. Warm and friendly. Watch the budget. Help?!


Lots of white reflective surfaces. Traditional furniture… light. Stainless steel range or white. Make the most of the traditional existing elements like the door and the bressummer over the fireplace. Could we use the inglenook for storage? Keep the cost down by keeping the floor possibly. Just how could we meet the brief in a kitchen this size?


Well the pictures show well the challenges and the answers we came up with. Some chemicals and a jet wash turned a dark floor into something very special. The furniture built into the inglenook made the most of a very useful space. Fridge, freezer, two tall storage cupboards, a wine fridge and some pretty open shelves and suddenly we had the answer. Table to sit six, corner walk-in larder. White tiles, white island in Silestone. The detail as you leave the kitchen with shallower depth cupboards and some book shelves worked a treat in this beautiful friendly kitchen. Simple, understated love it!