We have become shop fitters! Really satisfying project removing a very dated sales counter and replacing it with a contemporary island.

Everything was measured as carefully as we possibly could and we interviewed the people who work there to cross-check that we had all relevant information.

Elizabeth Rose is a shop in Tenterden selling a very wide range of fashionable women’s clothing. We needed to make the processes they have in place for each sale work smoothly. Storage space for hangers, clothes, different security tags, storage for different sized bags, all had to be provided in the island and in surrounding furniture we made. Mirrors had to be built in, space for vibrant pictures allowed for. Space for wrapping items thought about.

The success came in the end result looking uncluttered and new friendships being made with all at Elizabeth Rose.

One of our own clients visited the shop while we were working there. Telling her that I now had a part-time job in the shop and that all clothes were discounted by 50% for that afternoon caused a lot of laughter all round.

You can’t beat laughter can you?