When the need for functionality meets a strong appetite for design, great innovations are born. Extractor hoods are going to become obsolete : they are loud and ineffective, and intrude into the field of vision. Furthermore, they limit design options when planning a new kitchen. Willi Bruckbauer’s vision was to create an effective vapour extraction system which at the same time satisfies the highest demands in terms of technology and aesthetics. Constant experimentation and discovery led to the creation of an innovative system which draws off cooking vapour more effectively than was previously possible.

No extractor hoods sticking out at head height.

BORA releases you from the constraints of conventional extractor hoods. No edges or corners at head height for you to bump into. No need to stoop. No annoying steam in your field of vision – or condensing on your glasses. Nothing to limit your vision. In open-plan kitchens in particular, BORA ensures that cooks are no longer sidelined, but can join in with the party atmosphere.


Significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods.

Noise means stress. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable in many aspects of our lives. But why on earth do we voluntarily subject ourselves to the noise of an extractor hood when we are cooking? After all, the noise level is a good 70 dB(A) – and at head height! Clearly too loud, and too stressful. BORA, on the other hand, can hardly be heard when cooking or frying – even at the highest setting the sounds are minimal, and quieter even than frying a steak. This is made possible by the sophisticated technology which uses quiet motors that aren’t mounted at head height. Perfect sound attenuation goes even further, to make your cooking adventures a pleasure – especially in open-plan kitchens.


Cook in fresh air at last – and finally without intrusive extractor hoods.

The further cooking vapours travel before they are drawn off, the more grease and odour particles are distributed throughout the room, settling on furniture and penetrating into textiles. The result: you, your family and your guests spend several days being reminded of what you’ve fried, boiled or braised. BORA puts an effective end to this. Grease particles released during cooking are no longer allowed to spread throughout the room, but are trapped in the stainless steel grease filter.



High-quality materials for a long service life.

Bora use high-quality materials that guarantee a high degree of functionality and durability combine to create a premium system with no compromises. This is why all the visible metal parts of the BORA cooktop extractors are made from pure stainless steel. All the glass ceramic cooktops in our three product lines are made of ceramic glass from Schott, which is free of heavy metals – and unique worldwide. So that you can have lasting joy in cooking with BORA.