The house is the most important part of any garden. You can’t ignore it. It’s almost always the largest, most dominant structure in the garden. Your journey starts and ends with the house and therefore any garden plan, should always start from the building and work outwards.

The garden is a natural extension of your house, and it is essential that you look to blend this, not only with the external architecture, but also with the interior of your home.

We recently found ourselves working on a client’s interior whilst the landscape designers worked on the exterior, which really demonstrated to us how the two areas work hand in hand.

You can see from the images below how our client’s garden was transformed.

Many clients will employ an interior designer, but will not engage a professional to work on the garden. You have to view your property as a whole, rather than individual areas. You can really express yourself and let your garden reflect your interior. You have the option to blend styles, from contemporary to traditional. You have a wonderful canvass to work with, and nature offers so much.The results can be stunning.

It is amazing what can be achieved, from planting wild flower meadows to beautiful water features.

It is not only the garden that needs to be considered, you can transform previously unused parts into entertainment areas, outdoor cooking is all the rage, with more and more of our clients asking us to create external kitchens to house pizza ovens and barbeques.

So next time you look out onto your garden, imagine what you could create.

Edmondson Interiors.

All the gardens featured were created by Laura Anstiss