What makes a kitchen by Edmondson Interiors different? It is a combination of you the client and us. It is that simple.

Our experience enables us to design the space, the furniture and all associated items with you in mind for each and every detail. This design is closely related to your budget. The amount you feel comfortable investing in each project you undertake with us.

So what is it that is going to make you smile in your kitchen for the next decade plus?

For me the Edmondson Interiors new magnetic catch has to be up there perhaps along with a Quooker fusion tap.

Why a catch? Because it sounds and feels and works beautifully.

For a client last week it was two curved doors that just opened up another half of a smallish kitchen.

A month ago it was a wood fired pizza oven in a kitchen made for an avid cook.

In Tunbridge Wells recently it was the juxtaposition of an old dresser against an utterly contemporary smoked oak kitchen.

Or a Cuckfield kitchen utterly transformed by a Breakfast cupboard painted in Little Greene Turquoise Blue (contrasting with a kitchen cabinetry in Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue and Slaked Lime) with a matt finish applied to an oak floor.

And the cake question.

This morning our designer Rachel Murrell baked a Lemon Drizzle Cake. Perfect shape, perfect colour, light and moist. What makes this cake so different is the addition of Gin! A subtle interesting twist on something we are all familiar with. This was a cake designed specifically for her adult clients!

Written by Richard Edmondson. Cake eaten by the whole team.